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Banking and finance
Warsaw Office
Ogrodowa City Gate
ul. Ogrodowa 58
00-876 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 652 26 18

Cracow Office
ul. Jana Kilińskiego 2
30-308 Cracow
tel. +48 12 315 18 41

Our team advises both financial institutions active in the banking, insurance, and shadow banking sector, and service users, as well as firms that are just starting up. In addition, we pay close attention to what our clients have to say – combined with the qualifications in economics held by lawyers at our firm, and continuous analysis of the market and legislative developments, this gives us an excellent understanding of a client’s needs.
We provide services in a comprehensive and professional way, both in terms of the transaction and regulatory issues. In this respect we also provide assistance to firms which are subject to regulation in litigation and alternative means of dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation.
Advising with regard to regulatory issues 

We are highly experienced in dealing with administrative procedures before supervisory authorities in regulatory issues, as well as advising regulated institutions. We have also represented clients among others before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) Polish Data Protection Authority (GIODO), General Inspectorate for Financial Information (GIIF) and the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKIK), as well as in appeal proceedings before commercial and administrative courts. 

We offer professional handling of regulatory issues to firms on the financial market, relating to:

  • setting up and transformations of banks, payment institutions and other types of entities which are subject to regulation, and also obtaining KNF licenses;
  • corporate governance in firms which are subject to regulation, and devising or reviewing procedures and internal documentation;
  • the taking up by financial institutions of cross-border activities (including by way of a foreign branch);
  • joint services provided by banks and entities in other regulated sectors (insurance, telecommunications, energy);
  • insurance activities;
  • brokerage activities and insurance intermediation, including bancassurance;
  • notification duties towards administrative authorities;
  • complying with requirements relating to capitalisation and equity of financial institutions;
  • protecting personal data and professional secrets (such as banking, insurance, payment, FI confidentiality)
  • regulatory issues concerning outsourcing;
  • combating money laundering and financing of terrorism;
  • legal aspects of security of IT systems in the financial sector;
  • payment services;
  • consumer finance services;
  • currency exchange services and foreign exchange law. 
Handling the legal side of transactions

We offer a full range of legal services with respect to transactions on the financial market, advising on obtaining funds and financing of investments, both at the agreement negotiation, conclusion and execution stages, and in cases in which disputes arise. We provide services for all transaction parties (for instance banks, investment funds, and their clients) with regard to financing and refinancing business enterprises, relating among other things to:
  • credit facility agreements and all types of insurance of receivables (for instance securitization and types of security established over real estate, vehicles, machinery, intellectual property rights, financial instruments, and other elements of a business enterprise);
  • issue of debt securities, such as bonds and bank securities;
  • derivative instruments, including for instance futures, options, energy and gas derivatives;
  • debt restructuring;
  • trading in receivables and factoring.