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In 2017, dLK became the first law firm in Poland to ever exempt cash assets from bankruptcy proceedings for a bank
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We are thrilled to inform of another important procedural victory of dLK at the Warsaw District Court (Sąd Okręgowy w Warszawie) in an influential appeal where dLK lawyers have, for the first time in Poland, successfully argued for an exemption of PLN 5,663,690 in cash assets.
The Court has accepted the dLK pleadings in full and overturned the judgement of the Court of First Instance, ruling that the cash, procured from the unloading of ATM withdrawal and deposit machines, had been sufficiently individualized and separated through placement in a different compartment of the vault of the defaulting bank.
The full judgement in the case, including the reasons for judgement, is publicly available right now in the legal information website LEX, entry no. 2329183 (file number XXIII Ga 203/17). The judgement is final.